How To Spray Paint A Motorcycle Helmet With PChrome

As a motorcyclist, you likely understand the importance of visually standing out so that you are readily visible to other motorists. You also probably want to look stylish while doing so, and painting your motorcycle helmet with spray chrome is a terrific way to do both. By following these steps, you can use PChrome to make your helmet stand out and to look terrific.

How To Spray Paint A Motorcycle Helmet With PChrome

Gather the materials that you will need

Start by gathering the supplies that you will need for your helmet painting project:

  • PChrome spray chrome kit
  • Buffing cloths and soft cloths
  • Paint spray guns
  • Primer
  • Hard epoxy
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Deionized water
  • Fine-grit sandpaper

After you have gathered your supplies, you will next need to clean your motorcycle helmet and prepare the surface that you want to chrome.

Clean your helmet thoroughly

Before applying PChrome, custom painted motorcycle helmets must first be thoroughly cleaned and prepared. Wash your helmet with warm water using a mild soap and a soft sponge. Let it dry and use a buffing cloth to remove any dirt that is left behind. Next, use a soft cloth to apply rubbing alcohol. It will remove dirt that isn’t readily visible. Dry off your helmet with a clean cloth or your air blower. Make certain that there are no water droplets left on it.

Motorcycle helmets sometimes get dinged up, and if yours has scratches or gashes in it, you can use the hard epoxy to fill them in. After it dries, use a buffing cloth to smooth it. Then, smooth the entire surface, making certain to take care of any rough areas. Finally, roughen the entire surface where you will be applying the spray chrome with your fine-grit sandpaper, making certain to tape off all areas that you don’t want to chrome. Prime the area that you will be chroming and allow it to dry. Now, here is how to paint a motorcycle helmet with PChrome.

The base coat

Before starting the process, you will need to mix your chemicals. When you look inside of your kit, you will see four bottles with labels on them that say S, R, D and W. These are the chemicals for the various solutions that you will be using throughout the process. Mix the S, D and R chemicals together with deionized water in ratios of one part of chemical to 30 parts of deionized water. Label each separate bottle so that you don’t get the mixed solutions confused. Then, mix the W chemical in a ratio of four parts to 30 parts with deionized water.

Your base coat is made up of your 2KA base coat with the 2KB hardener in equal amounts. To this mixture, add 20 percent of its volume using the 2K black reducer. Spray your helmet with the base coat mixture from the bottom of it to the top using steady movements. When you are done, use acetone to clean your gun and allow the helmet to cure for 24 hours.

Chroming and applying the top coat

Painting motorcycle helmet projects with PChrome next involves sensitizing the surface. To do this, spray it all over with the W solution that you mixed earlier. Then, immediately spray it with your D solution, and rinse it off with some deionized water. Repeat this process, and don’t allow it time to dry before moving on.

Take the dual-nozzle spray gun with the S and R solutions and apply the chrome. You will want to work your way up to the top, applying coats until you have reached the desired brilliance. Then, blow off all remaining water droplets with your air blower and let your helmet completely dry.

While the helmet is drying, mix your top coat. It is made in a similar way that the base coat was mixed, with 2KA top coat and 2KB hardener mixed in equal portions with each other and together with 20 percent of the 2K clear reducer. The top coat also requires you to add 1 ml of violet to every 125 ml of the mixture in order to prevent yellowing. Spray the top coat on, again working your way from the bottom to the top and using light passes. It should be completely dry and hardened in 48 hours. At that time, you can apply a second coat for added durability and protection.

For added shine, you can use a buffing cloth to enhance your helmet’s brilliance. Make certain to clean your spray guns with acetone so that you can use them again. Now that you understand how to paint a helmet, you can contact us today online or via telephone to order your kit.

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