How To Paint A Motorcycle With Spray Chrome

Custom motorcycle painting can make your bike truly unique. If you do it yourself and paint your own motorcycle, you can save on labor costs while also having added control over the details you want to add. You can also have fun painting your motorcycle and making it a one-of-a-kind statement of your style. To make it really stand out, you can chrome your motorcycle all over, or simply chrome accents and accessory pieces. Just follow the steps we have outlined below, and your motorcycle will soon have its very own custom look.

How To Paint A Motorcycle With Spray Chrome

Preparing to paint

Make sure that you choose a large area to paint so that you will have plenty of room. Make certain that it is in a space that you can make a mess. Protect the walls using plastic sheeting, and hang it on the walls using nails or thumbtacks. Tape the bottoms of the sheets to the floor using masking tape. Make certain to have an oscillating fan with variable speeds to blow fumes out of the room to keep you safe while you are painting. You’ll also want to make certain that you have plenty of light available in the room.

Preparing your bike

Preparing your bike

Take the parts off of your bike that you plan to chrome using the appropriate tools to remove them. Make sure that you store the bolts in a baggie that is clearly labeled with which part the bolts go to. Sand down all of the surfaces that you want to chrome. You need the surface to be smooth so that you don’t end up with an uneven coat on your bike. Rub the surface with sandpaper using circular motions until the old paint is removed. Your goal is to get down to the bare metal. After the surface is completely sanded, wipe it off. Make sure that you remove all debris and particles that are left behind.

Using body filler, smooth a layer over the sanded surface to make certain that it is as smooth as possible. Make sure that you mix it well before applying it because it dries very quickly. Do it in small batches. Then, re-sand the surface after it has dried. When you are happy with the surface’s smoothness, it is time for you to chrome your bike.

Prepare your spray chrome solutions


Before you can complete the chroming process, you will first need to prepare your solution using the specified ratios. Rinse out your bottles with deionized water and let them dry before mixing the solutions in them. You will see that you have four different chemicals that are marked with the letters S, D, R and W. Mix four parts of the W fluid with 30 parts of deionized water in one of the bottles, making certain to label it. Then, mix one part of each of the S, D, and R solutions with 30 parts of water and label each one of their bottles as well.

Chroming your bike

In order to apply your base coat, mix together the 2KA and 2KB chemicals in equal parts. This mixture will only last for around an hour, so mix just enough that you can use up what you mix during that period of time. Apply it using your paint gun in a fine mist. It will take about 24 hours for the base coat to cure if the temperature is 75 degrees.

Once the base coat is cured, the next step is to sensitize it. You can do this with the W solution that you mixed up. Spray it all over the surface followed by your D solution. Then, rinse it off with deionized water. Repeat these steps again. Don’t let it dry before moving on to the chrome application.

Your PChrome spray gun should be filled with your S and R solutions. Your kit should come with the dual-nozzled silvering gun that PChrome provides. Keep your deionized water at around 80 to 85 degrees. Spray your bike from the bottom up using back-and-forth passes. Continue applying the chrome layers until you have the desired result, blowing off water droplets in between. Make certain that all of the water drops are blown off, and let it dry completely.

Mix the 2kA and 2KB top coat chemicals together in equal parts, adding 20 percent of the volume with the reducer. For every 125 ml of the mixture, add in 1 ml of violet. This counteracts any potential yellowing. Apply the top coat using light back-and-forth passes until your motorcycle is completely covered. Let it dry for around 48 hours. You can apply another top coat layer at this time.

Make certain to clean your spray gun and the area where you chromed your bike. When your friends rave on about your beautiful motorcycle, you can tell them that you did it yourself. Purchase your spray chrome kit from PChrome today by ordering it online or calling us.

Finish the process by cleaning up your spray gun and your shop. You can then tell all of your friends that you learned how to paint a car with spray on chrome all by yourself when they admire your handiwork. You can purchase your spray chrome kit today. If you have any questions, give us a call.

*Using spray chrome on vehicles may be illegal in some states or only allowed for show vehicles.